Broste Cutlery Hune Cake Fork - Set of 4

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The BROSTE Hune cutlery collection is inspired by a raw organic appeal, which has been translated into these mellow eye-pleasing designs. The soft round edges and a robustly weighted shaft makes this collection versatile for any and all occasions. Care: The forks and spoons in our cutlery ranges are manufactured from 18/8 chrome/nickel steel. The knives are 13/0 chrome steel with carbon. Our cutlery is dishwasher safe up to 65 degrees celcius. We recommend to be careful using aggressive dishwasher detergents. Using water containing iron or chlorine can result in rust stains on the cutlery. Also food containing a lot of acids such as ketchup, mustard, egg, lemon etc. can cause rust stains. Therefore we recommend rinsing/washing the cutlery immediately after use.

Dimensions W20 L145