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Granite Pillars - Addy & Lou
Granite Pillars - Addy & Lou

Granite Pillars

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These extra large diameter Pillar Candles will impress you with their long-burning quality and the sparkling crystalline structure which shimmers as the candle burns. Hand-poured from natural plant and New Zealand bees wax and lavishly fragranced, these candles don't melt in the sun!  

To create an attractive hollowed candle, it is important for best results to burn 5-6 hours at a time. Always ensure your wick is trimmed to 5 mm before lighting and trim again if it becomes longer - the flame should have the shape of a teardrop.

Available in our top selling fragrance Pinot Noir in classic White.

100mm diameter Pillar Candles available in the following sizes:

Medium: 130mm x 100mm - 100 hrs      

Large: 180mm x 100mm - 145 hrs