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It All Swings in Roundabouts Hoops Silver

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It all Swings in Roundabouts Hoops Silver

These babes truly are a hallmark of everyday style. 

These hoops are square finished and worn in stud style. 

Strong and bold, they are perfect for women who know who they are. 

Pair these hoops with the jacket butterfly and you have something special for the enduring, the content and the withstanding.

Made from the highest quality Sterling Silver finished with Rhodium or 2 micron 14k Gold Plate.  


  • Made from rhodium plated sterling silver 
  • Diameter 45mm
  • square finish 2.5mm 
  • stud style 

Beautifully packaged in the understated Republic Road style - a treat for the enduring, content and withstanding. 

About the Muse Collection

The Muse collection were the first designs for Republic Road.

Designed as a capsule jewellery collection for the iconic muses, the Reckless, the Resilient and the Resolute, each piece is created as a baseline for your jewellery wardrobe, from a basic necklace, a simple ring, or a great pair of hoops- these pieces are made in exceptional quality for you to enjoy for years to come.

Each muse is beautifully personified in the collection inspiration cards that come with each piece making them perfect for gifting or building your jewellery wardrobe with classic pieces  that never go out of style.

About Republic Road

Republic Road is born from experiences, stories and journeys.

Created by brand hub and precious metal specialists, The Mint Republic, Republic Road is designed by sisters Hannah and Rachel Warren the brand captures the essence of our movement through life.

Each step is unique and we believe that you can be individual and brave as you embrace the journey you are on.

The Republic Road collection is full of classic gold, silver necklaces, earrings, cuffs, bangles, stacker rings and even capsule collections. You can browse the first collection: Muse, the second collection: Illuminate the bold: Mirer, or the latest collection Mini Musings is a reflection of how far we have come.