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Coconut Raspberry Cake Kit - Addy & Lou
Coconut Raspberry Cake Kit - Addy & Lou

Coconut Raspberry Cake Kit

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If you love all things coconut, you will love this cake kit. It’s one of my first ever recipes, which has totally stood the test of time and I was so proud to turn into a kit. The raspberry laden cake is only subtly sweet and has the most moreish texture. The coconut glaze, which the cake gets topped with, is the perfect accompaniment and the sachet of freeze-dried raspberry crumble allows you to add a true Caker touch. This kit is vegan-friendly (if you use dairy free milk and oil instead of butter) and is made with organic spelt flour so will suit some people with gluten intolerance.

All you need to add is milk, butter and raspberries (fresh or frozen)

 Best before 20 March 2020.