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Bath Salts - Jupiter

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Jupiter’s energy is all about expansion – turn to this giant, generous planet for big visions, wider perspectives, and greater growth. Like the God it is named for, Jupiter imbues vitality, power and strength, plentiful with confidence and luck. If you’re feeling blocked and wish to move past a hurdle, Jupiter brings the optimism and trust that all will be well. Like the inspiring teacher who shares higher wisdom, Jupiter encourages keeping minds wide open and taking leaps of faith. Active spiritual practices work well under Jupiter’s energy, providing the perfect vibe for journaling, rituals or connecting with spiritual teachers.

Open your heart and your mind with Jupiter’s energy and feel your spirit soar.

This crystal soak can be used any day; however, we love to use her on Thursdays or when we want the bright, and expansive vibes, transporting your mind and body to joyous heights. 

This blend of Dead Sea salt, organic botanicals and pure essential oils is perfect for when you need to expand your consciousness. Corn flowers and calendula calm and focus. Blue butterfly pea is rich in antioxidants and great for skin and hair health. 

Directions: Place a few tablespoons of Salts of Jupiter into a warm running bath and allow yourself to relax in her beauty. To amplify her power, place the Amethyst in the bath or keep her near whilst bathing.

If you would rather not have dried flowers and herbs floating in your bath, place a couple of tablespoons of the soak into the organic reusable cotton bag, tie up the bag and pop it in your warm bath to soak.

Ingredients: Dead sea salt, pink Himalayan rock salt, organic corn flowers, organic calendula flowers, organic blue butterfly pea flowers, redskin oil,  amethyst tumble stone  

Please note: If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have sensitive skin please consult a doctor before using our crystal bath soaks.

Bath Salts - Jupiter
Bath Salts - Jupiter Sale price$44.90