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Immune Bath Soak

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The perfect soak to reinvigorate the body during the colder months, this truly potent blend of salts, herbs and oils work synergistically to support the body during times of weakened immunity. A dynamic combination of scents, this soak works on multiple levels with properties to nourish white blood cells, fight inflammation and bacteria as well as to restore the light in the depleted areas of the body.

Immerse yourself in a luxuriating bath to cleanse your physical, emotional and spiritual self. Using 1/2 a cup of your Bath Soak in warm water, allow the salts to absorb and oils to release and indulge your senses in this bliss. Take deep breaths to allow yourself to relax and release any unwanted thoughts and energy that you are holding on to.


Base of Epsom and Himalayan Salts

Peppermint: Removes phlegm and congestion, fights pathogens and mould

Blue Mallow Flowers: Boosts immunity & protects against infection

Rosemary: Stimulates circulation to remove toxins from the body

Thyme: Antioxidant rich, supports immunity

Oregano: Antiseptic, treats symptoms of cold + flu

Eye bright: Provides antihistamine like effects and dispels phlegm from the sinuses

Myrrh: Helps the body fight infection & clears the lungs


Plus, essential oils of:

Eucalyptus: Relieves inflammation & clears sinuses

Peppermint: Antiseptic and fights unwanted bacteria and viruses

Lemon: Purifies from bacteria and infection and clears the mind

Tea Tree: Cleanses impurities and revitalises stagnant cells

Frankincense: Rejuvenates a tired body on a deep cellular level