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European Linen Pillowcases — White

Sale price$99.00

Our Isle of Omni linen pillowcases are woven from the purest 100% flax linen sourced in France and Belgium. Enzyme washed to give you that perfect softness and relaxed look and feel, unique to linen. An incredibly durable fabric, linen will soften with every wash and improve with age making it a timeless investment in an everyday luxury. 

Suitable for all seasons, linen is the perfect bedding to have on rotation year round as it has its own natural climate control. Keeping you cosy in winter and cool on hot summer nights, sleep disturbance is minimised from temperature fluctuations or lying next to hot sleepers.

European Linen Pillowcases — White IsleOfOmni
European Linen Pillowcases — White Sale price$99.00