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Goose Down All Season Duvet Inner

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Transform your bed into a cloud of comfort with our Omni Goose Down All Season Duvet Inner. Consisting of two separate duvet layers of different weights, each can be used on their own or easily domed together to create one very sumptuous and warm comforter for colder winter nights. With multiple warmth options, our Omni Duvet Inner gives you flexibility through all seasons for the most blissful sleep experience.

We have designed each layer to be generously filled with a high percentage of premium white goose down to create luxurious, warm, and exceptionally light duvets. The summer layer is very light and comfortable on hot nights, while the second layer is slightly heavier, perfect for in-between seasons. Omni duvets are finished with a box quilting construction for maximum loft and even distribution of fill within the duvet.