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Paris Nature Salt Mill

Sale price$134.90

 Paris Nature Salt Mill embodies the resource recovery policy applied in our production workshops. The wooden body is made from the wood that is usually discarded during the manufacturing cycle due to its visual imperfections. Such discarded wood is given a second lease of life and treated to an original textured finish by blasting with ground nutshells. This technique offers the wood a unique and distinctive look and feel. The recycled wood used for the body of the 30 cm Paris Nature salt mill is then protected with an eco-friendly plant-based varnish for use in the kitchen.

The Paris Nature manual salt mill is supplied filled with pink salt from the Alps. Sourced from a primitive sea that dried up 250 million years ago, the salt is protected by a rocky layer and has therefore retained its original state. It owes its beautiful orangey-pink colour to its high concentration of magnesium and potassium, which are essential minerals and trace elements for health.

Paris Nature Salt Mill
Paris Nature Salt Mill Sale price$134.90